Executive Board

The MIDAS Executive Board is made up of eighteen members, three from each of the six member counties (Calhoun, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Webster, and Wright). Members are appointed for indefinite terms by their respective County Board of Supervisors to represent the interests of the County, the cities within that county, and economic development within that county. These members meet every month on the third Wednesday to establish MIDAS policy, review MIDAS financial and work progress reports, approve MIDAS contracts and grant applications, and provide direction to the MIDAS staff. In order to perform their work as efficiently as possible, the members of the Executive committee are further assigned to one of three subcommittees.

Following is a list of the MIDAS Executive Board, with subcommittee assignments indicated. Members of the Board who are listed as alternates have full voting rights when serving in that capacity.

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Alissa O'Connor Humboldt County Finance and Management Board and Committee Chair
Nick Carlson Webster County Finance and Management
Natalie Newell Webster County Finance and Management
Dan Campidilli Hamilton County Finance and Management
Joann Peters Pocahontas County Finance and Management
Karl Helgevold Wright County Finance and Management
Jill Heisterkamp Calhoun County Economic Development Finance and Management
Sara Sheller Wright County Economic Development Transit
Cindy Litwillers Wright County Economic Development Transit
Lindsay Henderson Hamilton County Transit
Vickie Reeck Webster County Cities Transit Vice Chair
Travis Goedken Humboldt County Cities Transit Treasurer
Eric List Pocahontas County Cities Transit
Kenric Weinschenk Transit
Carl Legore Calhoun County Transit
Logan Welch Hamilton County Cities Transit
Gary Nicholson Calhoun County Transit
Darrel Carlyle Wright County Cities Planning Committee Chair Secretary
Kris Patrick Webster County Economic Development Planning
Tom Grau Pocahontas County Economic Development Planning
David Lee Humboldt County Planning
Amanda Westrum Hamilton County Economic Development Planning
Tammy Green Calhoun County Cities Planning