In Iowa, Regional Planning Affiliations (RPA) were developed as part of the state/regional planning partnerships established under the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act which was signed in 1991. RPA’s are required to perform the planning items that are required as part of each of the highway bills that the federal government passes. MIDAS serves as the Region V RPA, which includes the counties of Calhoun, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Webster and Wright.

Annually, the RPA develops a Transportation Planning Work Program, which lists the work items that will be done by the RPA during that fiscal year.

The Regional Transportation Improvement Program is also developed each year. This program covers a four-year period of time and lists all projects that are funded with federal transportation funds during the four year period.

The region must have a Public Participation Plan which lays out how the public will be kept apprised of the work completed by the RPA. This plan must be reviewed annually.

Also, the region must develop a Long Range Transportation Plan for the region that encompasses all modes of transportation.

RPA's are also responsible for developing the region’s Passenger Transportation Development Plan, which identifies the passenger transportation that exists in the region, what transportation is lacking, and what projects could be done to fill in the transportation gaps.

All services are open to the public including persons with disabilities.

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