Contract Services

MIDAS provides contract services to various agencies such as nursing homes, medical facilities, assisted living facilities, churches, stores and provide Medicaid transportation.  All services are open to the general public, including people with disabilities. 

  •  YOUR Inc Contract Service: provide rides to and from Headstart (Humboldt location) on their school schedule, September through May. Service hours are 7am-8:15am and 2pm-3:15pm, fare is $5.00 per ride, call at least the day prior to schedule a ride. 
  • Jet Company Contract Service: provide rides to and from Jet Company in Humboldt, originating in Rockwell City, year-round. Service days are Monday through Thursday, service hours are 4:30am-7am and 4:30pm-6pm, fare is $60 per ride, passenger must call at least the day prior to schedule a ride.