The Region V RPA is required to prepare five main planning elements for the region and submit them to the Iowa Department of Transportation. The five elements include:

  • The Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP) outlines the annual transportation planning activities each MPO/RPA will undertake during the next state fiscal year. 
  • The Public Participation Plan (PPP) outlines the process each MPO/RPA will follow to adequately involve the public in its transportation planning activities. 
  • Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)—provides direction and guidance for each MPO/RPA to make efficient transportation investment decisions over a 20-year planning horizon. 
  • Passenger Transportation Plan (PTP): This plan promotes joint, coordinated passenger transportation planning programs and provides needs-based justification for passenger transportation projects. 
  • The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) identifies the capital and non-capital transportation projects proposed for federal aid funding or action for each MPO/RPA over the next four years. 
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  • Region V Public Participation Plan
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  • Region V Long Range Transportation Plan
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  • Region V Passenger Transportation Plan
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  • FY2024 TPWP Final.pdf
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  • 2024-2027 RTIP Final.pdf
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